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Rrrruuufff! Hi, there! I'm Kelly! My humans also call me Bird Dog because when I was a pup I used to sit on my mom's shoulder like a bird.  I'm a 10 year old chocolate merle chihuahua and I LOVE bandanas! I've worn them for most of my life, and I look pretty cute in them too. Most pups do! That gave my mom and I an idea. We want to share our love for puppies in bandanas with all of our friends! So, Kelly Bird Dog was formed!

Kelly Bird Dog is committed to creating quality bandanas and matching human accessories for all of our friends. We want to make sure that all of our pups and humans out there have lots of fun choices of patterns, styles and themes. But most of all, we just want to bring some smiling faces and wagging tails to each and every day!

Kelly Bird Dog
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